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M&S Made Without Wheat - Christmas Pudding

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As we bid Christmas a fond farewell, I am trying to cling onto the last dribs and drabs of the festive season. I clearly went overboard on buying mini gluten free Christmas puddings, so there will be a couple of reviews in the coming weeks, but it's ok as a winter dessert surely?!?!

This review will be quite short today as I actually ate the M&S Christmas pudding on Boxing day and the sleeve ended up in the recycling before I had a chance to take notes! But at Christmas calories don't count!

We put the pudding in the microwave for 40 seconds and it came out piping hot. I have a very powerful microwave, so timings do have to played by ear as microwaves can vary so much. Just do what you feel is right for your microwave.

Once removed from the microwave, the pudding turns out of the bowl very easily and created a perfect dome. I accompanied the pudding with a little Baileys cream and quite a bit of clotted cream, as cream is the quintessential Christmas dessert condiment in my eyes.

Texturally this pudding was very moist and almost sticky, a very deep rich brown colour and perfectly fruity. The flavour itself I could not detect any alcohol, not to say there may not have been some in the mix just lifting it, but if there was it was subtle enough to be suitable to feed to children, much more of a warm, moist fruit cake than a rich boozy Christmas pudding. I personally preferred this as I think sometimes way too much alcohol is used in a Christmas Pudding and takes away from the flavours.

I found this pudding very enjoyable and would recommend trying it. I believed it retailed for around £2 which is the same as Sainsbury's mini Christmas Pudding, but I have found both is store for 60p in the sales. Which maybe why I have so many now!!

Hannah x

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