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M&S Made Without Wheat - Sausage Rolls

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The Sausage Roll wars are back on today! To add to my DS/Schar, No.G mix is the contender from M&S! Being a ready to eat sausage roll meant I could just pick these up and tuck in, which is exactly what I did!

Retailing at £3 for a pack of two these rolls are slightly more expensive than Schar, but you do not have to cook them, which I would argue would cost more than 50p, yet  they are cheaper than No.G, as you get two in a pack although they are smaller! I actually got mine for £1.80 as they were on their use by date, which is great as I ate one for lunch yesterday and one today and saved a few pennies!

The pastry was flakey in texture, beautifully light and airy, I microwaved them to eat and they kept a good dry texture and did not go soggy, lets face it, soggy pastry is never good! This pastry is very comparable to the No.G pastry and leaps and bounds above the Schar pastry in my opinion. Schar use much more of a short crust, which is delicious, but flakey is the way to go when it comes to sausage rolls!

In terms of flavour, the sausage meat is seasoned nicely, much more plain than the No.G comparative but that's clearly where the price difference comes into play. These sausage rolls are much more of a basic sausage meat, which are still very flavoursome and perfect for everyone as there are no strong flavourings,  but if you are after something which has a slightly richer, more peppery flavour I would pick the No.G as they feel slightly more luxury.

The M&S sausage rolls are a lot more accessible to me though, as although M&S Foodhall and Sainsbury's are right next-door to each other where I shop, Sainsbury's does not stock any No.G products and has very limited gluten free options, so in this respect I would be more included to have the M&S ones, purely because I have to order a minimum of £40 on Ocado to get hold of them, and I don't always need that many groceries.

Being around 100 calories less than the No.G, the M&S rolls are around 300 calories with 21.1g of fat. Obviously being a smaller roll, I would feel the macros of the comparable weight would be about the same, so there is nothing better for you in terms of lower calories or fat, other than the M&S sausage roll is smaller so makes for a smaller portion. Although you can cut these sausage rolls into party sized and limit your intake that way, if that is something that concerns you!

Overall I think the M&S Sausage rolls are wonderful, but having the rare novelty of being able to compare two great gluten free products, I had to take the opportunity, as it wasn't too long ago we barely had one option of each item! If I had to choose which sausage roll I enjoyed best, it would be very hard to make a decision as I enjoyed them both, but I feel the M&S is more of a lunch box treat products, whereas I would use the No.G as part of a buffet cut down or when I was having guests as I feel the sausage meat is slightly more luxury!

If you have tried both I would love to know which one you prefer, or if you are just excited that more and more free from products are hitting the market!

Hannah x

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