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M&S Made Without Wheat - Chocolate Fudge Cake

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Today I'm still holding onto Christmas! I am trying to let go but as I spent the week before Christmas in New York, I didn't quite fit in all my usual Christmassy things... So I thought I would make up for it now!

Today I am talking about a very hard to find cake! I saw these in M&S the day before I went away and thought I'd pick one up when I get back, but they were nowhere to be found, typical! Today I spotted them in the cafe and picked one up. The use by date was today and I paid £1.85, but I am sure if I waited until later in the day I think you could pick them up for a bargain!

At 333 calories these cakes are quite calorific, although I guess it is still better than buying a whole cake and eating your way through that! In all honesty it was the little stars that enticed me into buying this product, I am a complete sucker for cute food and when I saw a cute looking free from cake I was so excited!

In terms of texture, this cake was quite moist and rich, not overly so though, I found the portion size to be perfect and that if there were any more I may not have been able to manage it! If you have ever tried the M&S chocolate loaf cake, it is not too dissimilar, so it is great that we can get something comparable all year round. With chocolate chunks and a thicker icing which I believe if you microwaved, like I have done with the loaf cake, would turn into a amazing rich gooey sauce.

The flavour was beautifully chocolatey and with quite a bit of depth. Although rich I would imagine children would enjoy this too, I may pour a little double cream on top to soften the richness if I were serving this to younger children.

If you are wanting to try this product but can't find it, I would recommend trying the M&S chocolate loaf cake, as it is almost the same and is also great hot with some cream!

Hannah x

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