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The Handmade Treat Company - January 2016

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What's a better way to kick off the new year than getting a new subscription box! The Handmade Treat Company are very similar to Snackly but they also include what I like to call a luxury me item! This could be anything from a lip balm to a soap, something you can use for a bit of me time whilst chomping on your freshly delivered snacks!

This month is the first months box I have received and as I am in fully engagement party planing mode, all of these things are perfect for my to throw into my bag as I am rushing around hunting down the perfect balloons and sorting catering, is it just me or does talking about food make you starving!

So lets see what we got in this months box!

Peanut 9 Bar
When I was a florist I lived off these as they filled me but I could eat them without touching the food with my bare hands, which I wouldn't recommend when you have touched all sorts of potentially toxic plants! So I know I love these, although I don't recall the peanut ones, I could only get the original and chocolate coated ones so it'll be nice to try another flavour.

Gnaw - Peanut Butter Chocolate
Keeping to the peanut theme, I received one of these in a Snackly box which I have yet to eat, I love peanut butter and chocolate, so it can only mean good things, and I think these will be perfect for a film night!

The Melting Pot - Dark Chocolate and Orange Fudge
This is one thing I most certainly will not be sharing! James loves chocolate orange so this may have to be cracked open when he is doing a wedding shoot... But as it is a much bigger bar than I have received of The Melting pot fudges from Snackly in the past, I may let him share! I didn't receive any orange chocolate at Christmas, so this will make up for it!

Mr Filberts - Chilli Roasted Tasty Seeds
The amount of new seed products I have seen recently have really interested me, I have been snacking on seeds and sprinkling them on salads since I was a small child and rosemary and chilli just sounds divine!

Twinning Tea - Lemon and Ginger
We have got a little sample of tea in our box this month, a lemon and ginger tea is perfect too as I have been back on my lemon water kick! A tea would make a welcome change to what I am currently  drinking

Soma Soap
In terms of our little luxury item, we have got a beautiful bar of soap. I love all sorts of bath products, my Lush collection is quite embarrassing! This will be stored away ready for its turn on my bathroom sink!

Have you subscribed to The Handmade Treat Company? I'd love to hear what you received!

Hannah x

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