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Snact - Apple and Mango Fruit Jerky

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January is typically a month used to kickstart a new eating plan or diet. To help you on your way with a new lifestyle change I find healthier snacks packed in a way junk food would be really helps me shred the pounds! So today I am bringing you the ultimate in what I like to see as heathy food but packed in typically naughty crisp style packaging!

The key to any successful lifestyle change or dare I say diet, is that you need to feel you are not restricting yourself or cutting back. This I find helps if you find treats which are lower calorie and more nutritionally beneficial but isn't always your conventional apple or cucumber sticks! This is where Snact is perfect! If you are a 90's kid like me, I am sure you remember the fruit bowl fruit flakes or fruit winders, partially fruit but mainly sugar. Well imagine them tasting as good as they did, but 100% natural. This is what we have here!

This pack in particular was in my snackly box so I am not too sure where you can readily purchase them, although I imagine there will be a few online stores stocking them! I received the apple and mango version and for around 60 calories per pack, these are a fab on the go, throw in your handbag kind of snack. I also love that they claim to save fruit by taking all the not so pretty fruit the shops won't sell, and squishing into yummy snacks! I hate food waste so this is something that makes Snact stand out from other fruit snacks!

Fruit jerky is the perfect description as they do remind me of jerky, or giant fruit flakes, though not jelly like in texture and taste much fresher than fruit flakes. The flavouring is very concentrated, which is fantastic as theres noting worse than bland or artificial fruit flavoured food! I wish I could find more of these to try in store as I am a nightmare for craving things but having to wait to order online, or sometimes waiting till I need a lot from one place to save on shipping!

If you can get hold of these, pick some up, you will not regret it! It fulfils my need for crisp style snacking things, because as you can see from my blog I am a true snacker! My family always tease me that if I ever had to write a diet book it'll have to be called snack yourself thin!

Hannah x

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