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Teapig Liquorice and Peppermint Tea*

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Is it just me or is our British summer well and truly over? I know we tend to have a surge of warmer weather in September, but right now in August I feel we are in the depths of autumn. Feeling this way, I decided it was time to dip into my tea cupboard. Trying to find a warming tea flavour in the summer is a hard push, but I went for the Teapigs liquorice and peppermint tea, as the liquorice sounded like it would add warmth to the flavour.

My favourite aspect of a Teapigs tea, is the bag is that they use good quality temple bags. Not using the cheaper paper bags means that you don't get that horrendous papery taste that many teabags infuse into the tea, particularly when the flavours are lighter.

 Liquorice root and peppermint are the only ingredients in this teabag. I really enjoy the fact you can actually see this, so many tea bags are milled to almost powder and have too many unnecessary ingredients in, which ultimately makes them taste artificial. Teapigs always taste clean and fresh.

On first sip the tea didn't taste too dissimilar to the Teapigs peppermint tea that I love, but then suddenly there's a sweet kick. This sweet kick turns into a warmth that you feel in the back of your throat, and as odd as it sounds, as if its warming your mouth. I think I described it at the time as drinking a scarf, as it felt so cosy. Absolutely perfect for a cold day!

The sweeter notes surprised me, as when I think of liquorice, I think it is very herbal and not all that sweet. Although, I have only ever had natural liquorice and I haven't had any in years, so I may have to try some again!

Sat down with a good book and some Hotel Chocolat choccies, minty ones of course, this tea was perfect! Only trouble is it put me in the mood for Christmas shopping as I always start in late September! But I don't want to feel christmassy just yet!

Holidaying in Devon next week, I'm certainly taking my Teapigs with me as the UK weather is so unpredictable!

Hannah x

*This product was sent to me to try, all views and opinions are my own

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