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B Free - Stone Baked Pittas*

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Pitta breads are one of the most versatile bread products in my option, from being able to use them as pizza bases to a breakfast wrap filled with egg and bacon. Pittas can be great for almost anything. To date I have yet to find a gluten free pitta that would open enough to put anything in, but B Free have changed this!

At around 135 calories a pitta, I find that this is fantastic for lunch as it is similar calories wise to two slices of bread. Free from gluten, egg, suitable for vegans, high fibre and low fat, what more could you want! Other than great taste of course! 

With 4 in the pack these were on sale at the free from show last month in London, however do not seem to be online yet. Leading me to not be too sure how much they will retail for. I assume they will be around £4 mark per pack. In comparison to all the free from pittas I have had in the past, these are in a league of their own. Being super soft and pliable, I find I can actually fill these, unlike all the others I have tried which I have had to use to dip into humous or use as a side to a salad as they do not open without crumbling.

The flavour is quite smokey, so really met the expectations of their stone baked name. I took full advantage of their stuff-ability and mainly ate them with a Greek salad filling. This was an M&S pre-made side dish, which consisted of red onion, tomato, cucumber, olives and feta. There is no sign of crumbliness or any after tastes. I microwaved these for 20 seconds as I felt grilling or toasting might dry them out a little. It is hard to believe that these do not have gluten in as they are just as good, if not better that the mainstream ones I remember!

What I ate: 

I was very boring this week and three of the four pittas I had with the M&S side salad I mentioned, as they were just the most perfect pairing! Feta and olives in particular work so well with these pittas. You can see that you can fit tons in, which I love and it made for a very filling lunch. 

Houmous and cucumber slices were what I ate with the last pitta, this was also very enjoyable but I have to say, after having them filled again it just wasn't quite the same and felt like I was waisting the pitta! 

I am hoping these will be online or in stores soon as I would love to make some pitta pizzas with them! They have passed all my expectations and I will not buy any other pittas for quite some time! If you have any other great recipes, let me know! When I can get hold of some more I will be doing some pitta recipes! 

Hannah x 

*This product was gifted to me to try, all opinions are my own   

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  1. I love these pittas. Found them at the allergy but never seen since. Have you found them online or in a shop anywhere>