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What's in my Snackly box? - August 2015

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It's time for another Snackly open box! August should bring lovely summery weather, we have seen a couple of good days, but let's hope the bright yellow sticker and Lego style image on the card along with all these summery snacks makes the sun kick itself into gear!

What with taking a holiday to Dorset in the next couple of weeks, these are perfect in the car snacks for what could be a 6 hour journey! Also I have held onto some of my other Snackly goodies to have for picnics whilst away! That's why I love these sizes!

So what's in this month's box?

Honeybuns Mini - Almond Moon - RRP - £1.05
My eye was instantly caught by this product, you all know how much I love Honeybuns. We saw this featured in our April box I think! I am very very happy to receive another Almond moon as I love the flavour and I am waiting to get through a few more cakes I have in my cupboard and freezer before I do a buy a bulk from Honeybuns! This will certainly tie me over in terms of a Honeybuns fix!

Kent & Fraser - Choc Chip Cookies - RRP £2.29 for full box
Ginger, Lemon and now Choc Chip, we are slowly getting through the whole range! These cookies have had a fantastic consistancy so I am excited to try the choice chip version! Seeing that the chocolate chips are dark is also a perk for me, as I love dark chocolate!

Darling Corn - Sea Salt Toasted Corn Kernels - RRP £10.80 for pack of 18
A few months ago I received the barbecue version and loved them. It'll be interesting to try a plainer flavour, I love a lot of salt in general so I hope these are well salted! They only contain corn, sunflower oil and sea salt, so there is no major allergens which means they are great for egg and dairy allergy suffers too!

Quibbles - Chilli Honey Peanuts - RRP?
I have never heard of Quibbles before, this is why I love Snackly, there's always something new! This 30g snack bag which is made in Britain seems to only have natural clean ingredients. I imagine these will be like the chilli peanuts my Dad loves as through the bag they look more coated in a crispy coating rather than a seasoning. This bag contains 150 calories , so is nicely portion controlled.

Hale Kale - Sweet Chilli Crisps - RRP ?
Kale crisps are something that passed me by as I think they are so hard to find. This sweet chilli flavour is completely me if it isn't too hot as I love the M&S sweet chilli crisps. This will make a healthier, more nutritious change to regular crisps. At around 25 calories for this bag they are a great low calorie snack.

Handmade by Cobden and Brown - Hazelnut Chocolate - RRP ?
I have a recipe to share soon on an amazing chocolate hazelnut cake my brother baked from the Hairy Bikers book. My family (expect my Dad, who clearly needs help!) love hazelnut and chocolate, so I will have to keep this well hidden. Handmade in Northern Ireland this 50g bar is wrapped in a very crafty way, which speaks to the card-maker in me!

I would love to know what you're most excited to try from your box, I think the chocolate and kale crisps are a must try first!

Hannah x

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