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Delicious Alchemy - Chocolate Brownie Mix

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Saturday, we decided to head for a picnic. Being inspired by The Great British Bake off, I wanted to bake a cake fast. I went through my baking cupboard and picked out my Delicious Alchemy brownie mix, firstly because I love brownies, but secondly as it only requires 2 eggs and 100g butter, which were in my fridge already.

With this mix, all you have to do is melt the butter and add it to the dry mix. Once incorporated, this turns into a paste. At this point the whisked eggs are added, making the mixture into a much smoother texture. Then all you do is pour this into a cake tin and smooth out. The recipe says that this brownie will take around 20 minutes at 180 (gas mark 4) but I found it took a little while longer.

Once baked, you can see that a good crispy top developed, which once you cut into the brownie masked a soft and slightly gooey centre, as you can see as I took some of the top away in the picture to reveal the inside. Perfectly baked brownie! As I was in a rush I didn't get chance to film this bake for you, but I do have a second packet of this mix, which I will certainly bake soon as it was so good!

The taste and texture of this brownie is perfect and I think I may experiment by adding some nuts and white chocolate chunks to the next batch to see how it turns out. The mix does have milk choc chips already but being the chocoholic I am I think adding some extra chunks, which will leave chocolate pockets would really enhance this cake! That's the fantastic thing about packet mixes. They can be used as a good foundation to adapt upon!

So keep an eye out for my next batch of Delicious Alchemy brownies, hopefully with a successful twist! I have also got hold of some raspberry flavoured icing sugar. I have a Delicious Alchemy vanilla sponge mix too, I think this is going to be a perfect paring!

Anybody else been inspired to raid their cupboard since GBBO has started? I know packet mixes aren't from scratch, but it's all the fun, with half the mess!

Hannah x

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