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Provena Gluten Free - Raspberry Instant Oats*

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Porridge tends to be a breakfast I associate with the colder weather. This means my poor oats are waiting for when I can see my breath in the air. But recently I have seen so many porridges and overnight oats on Instagram and Pinterest I thought I would give porridge in the summer a go, living on the edge huh?!?!

I thought the Provena instant oats with raspberries would be a good place to start as raspberries are quite a summery fruit, and would be perfect mixed with banana, berries and desiccated coconut. To make these oats all you do is add milk and a microwave. I never follow the instructions on these instant oats, as I prefer a more watery porridge. I normally do a good glug of milk and microwave a minute at a time. This Instant oats mix is gluten free and only containing oats, dried raspberries and salt makes them dairy and egg free too, depending on the type of milk used!

On first thoughts I was expecting a couple of pieces of raspberry lurking here and there as this is what I have found in similar products in the past. However I was pleasantly surprised as there was loads of what I think to be freeze dried raspberries well disbursed through the oats.

The oats were of very good quality, with no hard rusk like chunks, which I have found in cheaper gluten free oats I have brought, which in my opinion is as bad as finding some shell in your egg mayo! Once heated through the oats were beautifully creamy, as if I had used a full fat milk and a dash of cream for luck, but in fact it was only semi skimmed! The raspberries were packed with flavour, bursting berry brilliantly through the whole thing. If you mix enough you can actually turn your porridge slightly pink, which I think kids would love! As a child I always wanted the fun coloured cereals!

Being in the pre-portioned sachets is something I always look for as although it doesn't taste as creamy, at a push you can make these with water. This means I have these in my work desk, my handbag and anywhere else you can imagine, as popping the oats in a mug to microwave or pour boiling water over means you can make porridge anywhere. Quick cheats are always a hit with me!

Are instant oats something you find a staple in your cupboard? I'd love to know how you eat them, I think fruit topped is always the way to go!

Hannah x

*This product is sent to me to try, all opinions are my own

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