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Costa Coffee - Gluten Free Coronation Chicken Wrap

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I don't know if you remember a few months back that Costa came out with an egg mayonnaise wrap, which I really didn't enjoy. Since then I have just picked up my coffee and cherry bakewells and not looked on the shelf as to my dismay my local one no longer stocked the chicken wrap I loved. Last week I took a quick glance for some reason and noticed the gluten free wrap was not the egg one, but a coronation chicken one instead! Coronation chicken is a filling I love, which you don't see too often in a free from takeaway sandwich, as they tend to be more plain.

Not wanting to miss out I picked it up and thought I'd give it a try. Terrible I know but I didn't even look at the price through all my excitement, I would assume to be £3-£4 as this tends to be the rate of packaged sandwiches. At 375 calories, it is a reasonable wrap to have for lunch, I have taken a quick snap of the front of the box (above) so you can check nutritional information that may be of interest to you.

The wrap itself is filled with chicken, spinach, cucumber and coronation mayonnaise. Obviously having mayonnaise in this, it is unfortunately not suitable for egg or milk allergy sufferers. Like the wraps I have had before from Costa, I believe it is a Warburtons seeded wrap which are soft and quite thick in texture. I love these wraps so I'm pleased Costa do not try and create their own! This wrap is quite fluffy and has no odd aftertaste. Inside there is the coronation mayonnaise coating the wrap. There isn't too much of this but the favour is there, that sweet slightly mango flavour combined with the spinach and cucumber is a perfect pairing! The chicken was the same flame grilled style chicken pieces there was in the chicken and basil wrap, I assume this is present in all of their chicken flavoured wraps, sandwiches and toasties. There is not any raisins or sultanas in sight, which is an ingredient in a typical coronation chicken everyone may not be a fan of, so I think leaving this out was a good decision as it makes it more mainstream for children and those who just don't like wrinkly grapes!

My only grumble about the gluten free wraps from costa is the consistency. I am aware that the ingredients are more than likely weighed, but sometimes I find the wrap seems a little empty and they make sure from above they look full. I have had two of these wraps in the past week and the amount in them can vary slightly. I would prefer it if they packed them out with spinach, so you feel you get a good full wrap rather than a few bits rattling around. This way it will be more nutrious and wouldn't add many calories!

Overall I do really enjoy these wraps and I would most certainly continue to buy them, I am hoping and waiting to see if the Christmas wrap will make a comeback this year! I don't think I ever got around to blogging it, but it is by far the best wrap of the Costa gluten free wrap family! But then again I love all things Christmasy, so it is hardly a fair test!

What do you think of the slightly more adventurous flavour for gluten free? I think its fantastic. I find plain gluten free sandwiches quite a few places now, but having one with a twist, but isn't too out there is great for those of us getting a little bored of egg or chicken salad!

Hannah x

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