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Gluten Free Mcvitie's Hobnobs

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The world of social media had a complete melt down when Mcvitie's announced the release of their gluten free hobnobs. In all fairness I was one of these people too! Found in Tesco and Waitrose, the biscuit making giant has pleased the gluten free masses by widening their range to us!

Retailing at around the £2.20 mark for around 8 biscuits, these are still quite on the pricey side for mass produced gluten free products. Nevertheless I picked up a box of both the plain and the chocolate as I couldn't not try them!

Out of the box, my initial thoughts were 'wow they are practically full size' my biggest pet peeve with free from biscuits is that they always look tiny, super tiny sometimes and they don't look very generous on a plate when catering and offering around tea and biscuits. These are a good size and will not leave guests (or you) thinking where's the rest! They are all baked consistently and the overall look of them is very consistent, as you would hope to expect from a brand. None were broken and the packaging is very sturdy so although the high price, I can be assured I can serve biscuits and not crumbs!

Texturally from what I can recall, these biscuits are right on point. They aren't too crumbly but they are just the right amount for a good dunkable absorbent biscuit. The chocolate ones have a nice thick coating of chocolate and in general these biscuits are very generous portions. Taste wise I think they are perfectly comparable to the mainstream equivalent and that there is not much difference, other than the lack of gluten!

The plain hobnobs are around 65 calories and although they do not contain egg, soya or milk, they may contain these ingredients, so just be wary if you have more than just a gluten allergy. Whereas the milk chocolate ones are 85 calories and DO contain soya and milk and may contain eggs. Both options are suitable for veggies though!

I love how more and more big brands are on board for transitioning some of their products to gluten free and I hope we see more soon! I just wish the price was a little more pocket friendly, but this is a constant struggle for us free fromers!

Hannah x

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