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New and Improved Warburtons Thins*

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If we cast our minds back a couple of months, at the free from show Warburtons were promoting their new and improved recipe for their sandwich thins. I know it's taken me a while to get around to blogging this product, but I feel they still deserve a post as they are so good!

Previously the thins were visibly smaller and were not half as soft to squish in the pack. Not that I recommend doing that around the shops though, you'll certainly get some funny looks! There are 4 thins per pack and retail at around the £2 mark. I loved the previous thins and had them regularly toasted. I found that the new ones are much softer and much easier to eat without being toasted, as although the previous recipe didn't seem chewy at the time, these make that more prevalent as they are so incredibly soft and fluffy.

I have tried these thins in a variety of ways:

For this I used the white ones. Just add some margarita sauce, mozzarella and any topping you desire then grill until the cheese has melted. That's all there is to it, a10 minute dinner! If you really want to you can even do some micro fries to go with it.

I tried these thins just toasted and I added some peanut butter with a smoothie on the side. Perfect with both the white and the seeded thins!

As I was saying previously, you can happily eat these un-toasted, I just added some lurpak and grilled some sausages. I found that I could have eaten another one! There was no dry textures and I had added very little butter to the bread.

I tend to eat the raisin and orange thins with just a tad of butter as toast, but I saw on twitter someone adding Nutella to make it like a chocolate orange, so I just had to try! I have to say it was rather fantastic!

The new recipe is so much more palatable than it's predecessor and I have enjoyed them so much more. I believe the guy at Warburton's also told me that these are less calories than the previous recipe, which for all you who like to watch the calories is great too! Plus you get more, tastier bread, what a bonus!

If you see these on the shelf I would recommend giving them a go, if you are only wanting to buy one pack and unsure of which to choose, I personally would recommend the white as they are so much more versatile than the other two varieties!

Hannah  x

*These items were gifted to me to try

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