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Rule of Crumb Breaded Cod Fillet

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I placed my first Ocado order recently for the main reason of trying some Rule of Crumb products. I have seen them at the free from show but as I travel on the tube to the show I don't like to buy anything that is frozen. But as they sell them on Ocado I thought I would give them a go!

James and I decided that the fish fillets would be a perfect option to make a fake-away fish and chip night, so I created a slimming world style chips and added some mushy peas to the meal. Retailing at around £4.50 for two fillets, these are a more expensive option but are great for a treat and those days where you don't want to, or have time to stand in the kitchen for hours.

When opening the pack the first thing I noticed was the size of this product, they were huge! I tend to find free from products such as this tend to be a little small considering the price you pay, but these are a hearty portion. Each breaded fillet is around 333 calories which when you consider the size, I am quite impressed! I love easy cooking on a weeknight and the fact I could just throw these in the oven and let them do their own thing for half hour or so is perfect when multitasking weekday evening tasks.

Out of the oven, the crumb had gone golden and crisp, I can't remember how long the recommended cooking time was but I tend to add a good 15 more across the board with breaded products in general as I love them a little overdone (not burnt!) so they have a more crisp texture! Beautifully flakey and moist, the cod was superb quality. Considering these are frozen it did resemble the distant memory of chip shop fish, before I knew I couldn't eat it!  The quality is certainly reflected in the price and although I was on the fence due to the cost, I am now converted and would 100% buy them again. The flavours and textures are outstanding, I would happily eat this fish if it was served to me in a restaurant.

Ingredient wise, there is not too much to this product, which is something else that I feel is important as sometimes I feel too many ingredients are added to products that are not necessary. This product contains Cod Fillet (65%), Maize, Sunflower Oil, Maize Flour, Rice Flour, Modified Starch (Maize), Maize Starch, Salt. This means that though not stated there is no dairy or egg in this product, which means a much larger audience can enjoy them! 

The only drawback to this product is that it is only available from Ocado. Ocado tends to be a slightly more expensive retailer, mainly for the fact you can only order online and the minimum order spend is £40, which for two people you don't always need. It makes these products so much harder to access. I was hoping they would be available in Waitrose too as I live locally to 6 different Supermarkets, one of which a Waitrose, but as of yet they are not.

If you are a regular Ocado shopper or just fancy trying something new, I would suggest trying as many Rule of Crumb products as you can, I loved all that I tried and I am slightly disapointed I didn't pick up any of the muffins as I will not be ordering from Ocado for a while!

Hannah x

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