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Doherty Gluten Free Sausages

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Sausages are something that infuriate me more than they should. I feel that all sausages should be gluten free, this particularly bothers me when you look at the finest range in the supermarkets which want you to believe they have high meat content for the price and it's full of gluten filled fillers! When I ordered from Ocado I reached out to you all on twitter and I found that there was a lot of people who enjoyed Doherty sausages. Finding that they were such good value and frozen so I don't have to cook the whole lot, I picked them up.

Eight sausages retail at £2 but I did get mine on offer for £1.60, which even for £2 I think that is a fab price. There is only 67% pork in these compared to the 97% heck sausages, but you have to bare in mind that those are £3 for 6. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, these may be the product for you. I found in comparison they tasted just as meaty and they didn't shrink or drip any fat when I grilled them.

Eating them for breakfast, James and I made them into sausage sandwiches using the new Warburton sandwich thins. I found that they were super filling and kept me satisfied for most of the day. The next day I had two of these sausages with scrambled egg with spinach and cooked mushrooms. Textually these sausages feel very thick and had I not read the pack I would have thought the meat content would be much higher as they are quite dense too. The skins crisp nicely and if anyone knows me I like when my food is well charcoaled on a BBQ, so these would be perfect!

I worked out two sausages to be around 360 calories, I could be wrong, but for a main part of a meal I don't think this is too bad. Of course the fat content is high but what do you expect from a product such as this! As long as they are not consumed too often, these sausages are a filling treat. Perfect in the freezer for those times that everyone is around and an impromptu BBQ is on the menu!

I could appreciate they may not be for everyone, as I know some would prefer a high meat content sausage. But as all the ingredients are understandable and I know what are in them, this will not bother me too much, particularly if it saves me a few pounds here and there! Gluten free living can be pricey particularly if you are feeding a whole family! I feel taste wise these are comparable to my normal Heck sausages, and the fact they are cheaper, in the freezer and an easy dinner, I think they may become a staple for our naughty weekend breakfasts!

Hannah x

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