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Scott's Blueberry Muffins

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Aldi were on fire with their gluten free week! Such a wide range of choices, even if there was only a small selection in general! One thing that really jumped out at me were the mini muffins by Scott's. Lets face it I have had a fair few gluten free muffins in my time, but never a mini one. If you're anything like me, mini versions of anything are irresistible, so I had to give them a go!

A pack of six cost £1.29, which is only 22p each! Compared to some brands where you can pay up to £3 for two large ones! Even eating two only makes this 44p per serving! So at 126 calories per muffin, that's exactly what I ate for breakfast the last few days.

The muffins themselves were beautifully textured with a nice bounce and moistness to them. I could have eaten the whole pack, they were so great! Flavour wise these muffins do not have a powederiness or bicarbonate aftertaste, like a few muffins I have had before. I did feel that the blueberries were a little lacking in a couple of the muffins, but even distribution of a fruit in a cake batter can be tricky at the best of times, without adding the blueberries to each case afterwards that is!

The other thing I enjoyed about these were that they actually say gluten free on the case! How much easier does that make catering at parties. Nobody fears eating the wrong food or avoid the buffet table, thinking that there is nothing for them to eat.

Unfortunately I cannot find these stocked elsewhere so I think these will just have to be a one off treat!

Hannah x

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