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Bacon and Cheese Twist Recipe

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Does anyone else go through phases of frivolous purging of their life? I know I do and the freezer is one thing I always feel I need to work my way through before buying more. I dug out a Genius puff pastry that had snuck away over the christmas period, so before it went to waste I thought I would make some cheese straws... with a twist!

Cheese and Bacon Straws

You will need

  • One pack of smokey streaky bacon
  • One pack of puff pastry
  • 200g mature cheddar cheese
  • Salt and pepper
  • One egg to glaze
The first step is to roll out the puff pastry until all of your bacon will fit on, mine was about 5mm thick. 

Then grate the cheese and mix the salt and pepper into it, this just means that the seasoning is more even. 

With an even coating put all of the cheese on top of the pastry, then lay the bacon in strips. 

Cut the pastry between each slice of bacon and then twist these and place on a baking tray, don't worry if some cheese falls out!

Put in the fridge for a few minutes whilst heating the oven to the pastry guidelines. 

Once removed from the fridge, glaze with a beaten egg and then place the fallen cheese on top of the egg. 

Cook for 20-25 minutes. 

Allow to cool and enjoy! 

This super simple recipe takes 10 minutes to prepare and would be perfect at any party buffet table or even just a couple for lunch! If you wanted these to be smaller, cut the bacon strips in half or quarters and you can create bite size ones! 

Hannah x 

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