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The Farmshop - Bicester Village Gluten Free

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Weekends away are never complete without good food. Bicester is one of our favourite places for a get away and when there is so much good food around, it makes being there even more enjoyable!

Breakfasts are one of my favourite meals, so when I found out that the Farmshop in Bicester Village caters well to allergies at our last visit, I knew that we would have breakfast here every morning of our trip!

Part of the Soho House family, the Farmshop focuses on British food and the quality of this is always second to none. The staff always make visiting a pleasure too, their chatty friendliness makes the environment very inviting and cosy. We have always found that the staff are more than happy to check and amend anything on the menu without feeling you're being awkward, which is very reassuring when dealing with an allergy issue.

Friday morning I decided on their veggie full english, I knew I loved this as I had it twice on our last visit. Consisting of the world's tastiest poached eggs (seriously you have to try these!) this meal has so many veggies, such as spinach, squash, mushroom and tomato. On the side is some gluten free bread and a lovely slice of rich butter. Perfect fuel for a day of shopping!

I forgot to photo Saturday's breakfast but as we were planning a larger lunch we went for their toast and jam option. The marmalade that was served alongside more of the wonderful butter and strawberry jam was thick cut and truly the best marmalade I have had. We then followed this with the most colourful fruit platter! From blueberries to kiwi, this salad was jammed packed of perfectly ripe fruits.

Sunday was our last morning so I opted for avocado toast with poached eggs, this came with basil and chilli flakes as well as a slice of lemon to season. I think this may have been my favourite breakfast of the weekend as the flavours just combined so well together with a bit of sea salt on the top.

I also had a decaf latte and a fresh orange juice with each of these meals. The juice is freshly squeezed with bits, being so light and refreshing, it makes a change from what you find in a carton! James also swears by their flat whites, so if you are a coffee lover, he would recommend that!

We did eat dinner here one evening, but again I forgot to take pictures! If you are ever in the village I would recommend trying their menu any time of the day as all their food is outstanding quality and  you'll certainly not be disappointed.

Hannah x

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