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Aldi Gluten Free Haul

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Gluten free special buy week in Aldi? Yes please! An Aldi store opened last week which is a two minute walk from my office, so the timing couldn't be more perfect. James and I headed there Monday evening to see what bargains we could find!

I was hoping the 99p pasta would be in stock, and considering it was only on sale since Sunday I thought I'd have a good chance, but when I got there, there were only three bags of very crushed spaghetti left! Although I missed out on quite a bit there were plenty more goodies!

So here is what I bought!

Crispbread - 69p
I actually got three of these as I find these great for snacks and lunches. As I tend to pay around £2 a pack I couldn't pass up buying up to this value anyway!

Nestle Go  Free Honey Flakes 500g - £1.99
These were not 'super cheap' for this product but I typically see these at £2.20 a box else where, if I am not ordering from Ocado, as they tend to have them on offer. But I have yet to find this variety in stock so I thought I would pick them up!

Scott's blueberry muffins x6 - £1.29
I have never heard of Scott's before, but when I saw mini muffins I knew they would be the perfect breakfast treat. I was torn on the chocolate or blueberry as I thought 12 muffins would be a lot to get through before they expire! I opted for blueberry in the end and I have already eaten a couple and they are delicious!

Snappea chips - 99p
I buy these all the time at M&S for quite a bit more than this so I thought I would give this brand a go, at 91 calories, they are great with some humous and veggies at lunch.

Lee's Snowballs - 99p
These always remind me of Christmas buffets at my Gran's when I was around 6! I had a deep love for these and they would be pilled high on the table just for me. The instant flashback gave me the urge to impulse purchase. These can also be found at other supermarkets for about £1 but when I saw them, I couldn't resist! At only 65 calories they will be great as a evening sweet treat.

Chocolate cookies - £1.29 per box
Not only does the packaging remind me of the Tesco finest cookies but the flavours available were very similar too. The Tesco version retail at £1.80 so if these are just as good, I've just saved 50p a box! I am intrigued to compare these and see which ones I prefer!

I honestly can't believe the whole gluten free section of my shop only came to £9.91, I was very impressed, considering I have months worth of snacks now! We also got a ton of veg, and some food for the week as well as a bed set and a white picture frame ladder (see here), which is so cute and perfect for our wedding and home and the whole lot only came to £40! Considering that homewares only came to £20 too!

My first trip to Aldi where I was purchasing for myself I feel was a huge success! I have not tended to shop there personally before as I felt there wouldn't be much for me as I tend to buy party food for the youth club I help run when we have our parties. But there is so much available, not just in their special buys, I even found this allergen sheet on their website on their own products that are gluten free!

Have you ever tried Aldi, what did you think?

Hannah x

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