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What's in My Snackly box?

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It's November Snackly box time! This month there was no card in the box and from what I see no real theme, just great snacks! So without furthermore lets see what I got in my box!

Honeybuns Mini's - Milk Chocolate Brownie - RRP £1.05
You all know by now my love of Honeybuns, I have a few of their gifts on my Christmas list! The milk chocolate brownie is a classic and is an all time favourite of mine. Made with chocolate, coffee and almonds, what's not to love?

Quibbles - Sour Cream and Onion Cashews - RRP £0.90
Sour cream and onion is one of my favourite flavourings so seeing cashews coated in this flavouring is exciting! 179 calories for this whole pack, this is a great snack packed with protein!

Gnaw Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate - RRP £2.50 full Bar
A salted caramel Gnaw bar was in the box a few months ago but I wasn't actually too keen on the flavour, I think that there was a little too much salt, which made the caramel taste burnt, but my family liked it so it may be just me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter, so I think that this is a great bar to give Gnaw a second go! The whole bar is 280 calories so if you wanted a treat evening I think you could get away with eating the whole thing!

Zoot Enduro - Cashew Supreme - RRP £1.50
Claiming to help maintain your energy, this bar looks very much like a Nakd bar in packaging and size. The ingredients are peanuts, cashews, dates, sultanas, sunflower seeds and vegetable glycerine, meaning they are quite clean! 160 calories and being free from gluten and dairy and being high fibre and a source of protein, it seems to be good all round!

Peace of Cake London - Abricotini - RRP £12 for full bag
Free from gluten, wheat, lactose and dairy, the only allergen this product seems to have is egg. I have no other way to describe these but as little soft cake like biscuits! I think I had these in a box before but the were snaffled off me before I had chance to try, so I will make sure little fingers won't reach these! On the website they seem to be layered with jam and stuck together much like a macaron.

Lastly we got another teapigs tea, this month I have got everyday brew!

I would love to know what you got in your Snackly box!

Hannah x

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