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Schar Haul - Stocking up for Christmas!

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My last post told you Schar had sent me a coupon. I also had a few coupons from the allergy show I was saving for Christmas. As the products now have days that'll last way through Christmas I though I would buy a couple of bits.

Here's what I got!

  • Chocolix x2 - £2.50 each 
  • Bourbons - £1.50 
  • Sausage rolls x2 - £2
  • Puff Pastry - £2.50
  • Pretzels x2 - £1 each
As a self confessed coupon addict I had a coupon to cover part payment of each item, I used the £2 coupon I got in the post, a £1 coupon I was emailed, 3 x 50p off cupboard goods and 3 x 75p off frozen foods. meaning I used £6.75 worth of coupons! Making £15 worth of Schar food only £8.25, under £10 for indulgent gluten free food is fantastic! 

I would love to know what you have brought recently!

Hannah x

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