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Genius Gluten Free - English Muffins

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After realising I am just not a crumpet person, I have thought I would give some english muffins a go! I am currently in a shop the cupboard phase as I have accumulated too much food! Anything I find interesting and think you would all like to see, I just buy it, leaving me with huge piles of food! I am on a mission to get through it all and as a lot is porridge and other warming food, it's the perfect season!

I did treat myself to some bread though as I was getting a little bored of the lack of it, so I opted that these did not have too many in the pack, just a welcome treat!

These muffins are very squeezable, which is a very well trusted test for me! If the bread has a nice bounce, it tends to be lovely and airy, not dry and crumbly. So I was very pleased when I cut these open and they had a beautiful texture!

Toasted for a couple of minutes on each side, these muffins cook perfectly and become lovely and crisp. I have had these plain, with black pepper cream cheese and with scrambled egg and salmon and I have to say they do not become soggy even with a topping which has more moisture to it, which is fab, as many gluten free breads turn quite pappy when a wetter substance is added, but these held up really well.

A pack retails at £2.25 and has 4 in a pack making each muffin making each muffin around 57p each, which in gluten free terms is not too bad. As well as being gluten free these muffins are also milk free, but do contain egg. Each muffin is 121 calories so are great option as there is a lot of bread and is quite filling, they are relatively low in fat and sugar too compared to many other free from breads I have tried!

Overall I think these are fantastic on value, quality, taste and texture and I honestly could have eaten the whole pack just with butter as the flavour was perfect. I would 100% buy these again once I have eaten through my cupboard and my freezer!

Hannah x

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