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M&S Made without Wheat - Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry Sandwich

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Christmas has smacked all the food retailers around the face this week! Drinks and sandwiches have popped up in Starbucks, Costa and M&S! I found the M&S made without wheat in store this week so I just had to give it a try.

At around £3.30 this sandwich is packed full of turkey, bacon and a sweet cranberry sauce! I found that it was very good value as it was not something that you could make yourself that well! The whole sandwich was 499 calories so is quite high calories for a single sandwich but the bread is seeded and all the elements are present in good amounts, there is nothing worse that having a half empty sandwich!

Spinach is also in the sandwich which is nice, as many of the mainstream Christmas sandwiches just had meat and such in them, sometimes I think these can be too rich, but with a hint of veg it adds a freshness which lightens the sandwich.

You don't need me to tell you that the flavours combined taste beautiful, as it is a typical combination we all enjoy at christmas. I would say though I was surprised how sweet the cranberry sauce was as they can be quite tart, but this one was almost a jam! Made a great change!

I think that I would even recommend this sandwich to non gluten free people as the bread is great quality and the flavours are phenomenal! Christmas has truly started for me!

They were also available in the cafe!

Hannah x

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