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Schar Gluten Free - Sausage Roll

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Since DS and their sister company Schar have combined, I have taken the opportunity to give some more of their products a go! I think I had these a few years back, but wasn't too impressed. But I think that was partly down to me over baking!

So I gave them a second go, and I am pleased to say I am much more impressed this time, they are fantastic, I also baked them differently. As I have been taking these to work I have been baking the night before in the oven and then when at work I microwave for a minute or so on a plate with a paper towel on to absorb any condensation, keeping the pastry crisp!

The flavour of this product is lovely, the sausage meat is succulent and flavoursome, with a seasoning that brings the flavour to life. The pastry is quite understated, which I find in terms of gluten free is a good thing, countless times I have had pastry with the oddest aftertaste, which has ruined it's accompaniments. I am pleased that this pastry is just a crisp coating for the sausage meat.

I would certainly buy these again and as they are frozen it allows you to just have them on hand if you need a quick lunch or as Christmas is getting closer, those who drop in and you need to find something to feed them, cut into four or five pieces these could even be part of a buffet!

For around 232 calories I find that these sausage rolls are quite filling and I have either had a side salad or a fruit pot, sometimes even both afterwards! There is 13g fat per roll, but with pastry and sausage meat, this I feel is to be expected. So although quite low in calories, there is a considerable amount of fat. Something which is fine in moderation, just don't make it part of your daily diet!

For two sausage rolls, these retail at £2 per pack, there is always coupons to be found at shows and online, which tends to mean you can buy them in bulk once coupons have been circulated. I had a £2 coupon in the post recently, so you could even get them free! Even if you do not have a coupon, £1 per pre-made sausage roll isn't too bad considering it is a convenience food. Also with these higher price points to gluten free food, I find I tend to eat much healthier too, as I bulk out everything with fruit and veg!

I would love to know what you have tried from Schar, I have to say I have had some of the biscuits and have been very impressed too!

Hannah x

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