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What's in my Snackly! - December 2015

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We have hit a year of Snackly! And I have to apologise in advance for my quick iPhone snap, but when you are faced with Honeyrose choc chip cookies, you just have to eat them straight away... If you have no will power that is!

When you fist open the box you will see a small thank you card for supporting their first year, but I'm sure you'll all agree we are just as thankful for them posting new treats through the door each month, opening us to new brands and small sized snacks, perfect for the single gluten free whose surrounded by gluten eaters!

So without further ado, lets see what's in this months box!!

Honeyrose Organic Triple Chocolate Cookies
I guess I will have to mention this one first as it is clearly my favourite in the box as I had no will power and ate it... Straight after I felt terrible though as I then remembered last time I had this I forgot to review it and told myself I must take a nice picture next time I got one. Which clearly didn't happen! Sorry Honeyrose! But this biscuit has a softer texture as there is large rich chocolate chunks which mixes so well with the crisper biscuit mix. If you see these anywhere I would 100% recommend them!

The Protein Ball co. - Protein Ball
I got a pack of these in October's box, I have been saving these as I am the secretary to a local Am Dram group and our panto is this week, so with organising tickets, raffle prizes and all the masses of paperwork, I thought these would be great for the three days we do the performances as I tend to be rushed off my feet and don't get chance to eat much, I have two bags now, so that's even better, so we will see what they are like!

The Melting pot - Salted Caramel Fudge
I was hoping the Melting Pot would make an appearance soon! Rich, smooth fudge is one of my favourite treats, I believe we had the chocolate flavour and the plain one before, so salted caramel sounds perfect to me! I have a craft fair on Sunday... I know I'm crazy, four panto performances in three days, followed by a craft fair! Bu I think when I get home on Sunday, I will pop on a Christmas film, decorate the tree and sit down with a hot choccy and this fudge... Heaven!

The Foods of Athenry - Multiseed Gourmet Crackers
Around 6 months ago these crackers made an appearance, I really enjoyed them then. You can see my review here! I am glad they are back in the Snackly box, and as it is wintery, I have half a pot of tomato soup in my fridge, I think I will grab some butter and have this for lunch tomorrow!

Snact - Apple and Mango Fruit Jerky
Something new from Snackly, I imagine these to be a bit like those fruit bowl fruit flakes, only bigger and maybe not coated in sugar! If so I will love these! Under 65 calories a bag, these are the perfect on the go fruit snack, because lets face it a sticky apple or orange isn't always convenient to eat on the go, particularly for someone like me who sells jewellery and fabric hairbows at craft fairs, sticky fingers and my handmade products don't mix well!

We also got another Teapigs sample, this month I got the chocolate and mint, which is my all time favourite flavour of theirs, so I am over the moon! I like the sample of tea that's been included, particularly over the winter months, as I am a very seasonal eater!

I hope you enjoyed your last snakily box of the year! Let's see what Snackly has in store for the next year!

Hannah x

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