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No.G Too Good to Be Gluten Free - Sausage Roll*

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I know I have only just done a post on the No.G pork pie, but these are fresh foods and I really want to get these reviews up before Christmas, so you have time to get hold of them for the festive season, as lets face it, pastry is what Christmas food is all about!

Like the pork pie, this is a good sized sausage roll, suitable for lunch or even with some mash and beans for dinner! It would also be fab cut into bitesize pieces on the boxing day buffet table. With seasonings such as ground white pepper, lemon juice, ground coriander, mushroom extract, ground nutmeg and ground clove, the sausage meat is very flavoursome and very well seasoned, but not overpowered by spices.

Like all pastry products, these are quite calorie laden, one roll is 410 calories with 28.6g of fat of which 12.5g are saturated. But if you can't indulge at Christmas, when can you? In comparison to  the DS/Schar sausage rolls I would certainly pick these as firstly they are fully baked so will not take as long to warm up, they also they have a much more flakey pastry, representative to a true mainstream sausage roll. Nevertheless they are both great products just No.G top the convenience factor and also are larger so at 2 for £5 are a much better value.

The pastry is something that particularly stands out to me. So light and flakey, like a true puff pastry, which is something all other brands creating sausage rolls I have tried have not quite mastered. It's buttery and light and just such a beautiful texture. The taste is also as you would expect. When I saw the pastry looked perfect, I was certain the taste would be compromised, as it seems to me a lot of the time one or the other has to be lacking, even if it is only slightly. But I was wrong, there was not dryness on the back of my throat or powdery taste or any bitter aftertaste. So it was an all round fantastic pastry recipe!

Two of these rolls were sent to me to try, so I decided to try one hot and one cold and they were lovely both ways and it is honestly down to preference to how you wish to eat this, rather than having to heat it to make it change to a more pleasant texture, which is something we sometimes have to do with breads and pastry.

If you have a Sainsbury's locally who stock No.G or ordering from Ocado, I'd recommend popping these in your basket quickly!

Have a fab Christmas

Hannah x

*This product was sent to me to try, all thoughts an opinions are my own

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