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Saks Fifth Avenue - Gluten Free Menu

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As some of you may have noticed, I have not been blogging for a little while, this is because I have been in New York! James and I went for a mini break for five nights and trust me, we spent WAY too much!

Whilst we were there James proposed in Central Park and to celebrate we went to have lunch at Saks. The menu is fantastically laid out, with all the gluten free meals having a star next to them as it is very clear what is and isn't gluten free. As it is so close to Christmas, it was their festive menu on offer. I chose the Turkey Cob salad, a festive take on a salad is not something I've seen before!

The salad itself consisted of mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon cubes, roasted turkey, crumbled blue cheese, crumbled egg and a salad dressing. It was quite refreshing and made a nice lighter choice compared to typical rich christmas food!

The salad was so fresh and with the succulent roasted turkey, this salad was perfection! I particularly enjoyed the creamy blue cheese and crumbled egg as this is quite an unique element, which I've not seen before together! Combined with salty crisp bacon, this salad had complex tastes and textures to create what I feel is the best salad I have ever eaten! It didn't feel like just a boring salad which on paper sounds fabulous but in reality is not as expected, but more of a whole meal with a real depth of flavours.

The aspect I enjoyed the most is that taste or texture has not been compromised to be gluten free, which is how food should be, gluten should not be needed to add flavour or texture, so many fresh natural gluten free ingredients can make delicious meals!

I hope you all had a great couple of weeks whilst I was away!

Hannah x

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