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No.G - Too Good to Be Gluten Free - Pork Pie*

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Last week I was sent a few bits to try from No.G. Branding as 'Too good to be gluten free' is something that highlights their confidence in their products, and they really should be as I got increasing nervous whilst eating this pork pie that maybe I had picked up the wrong one, because the pastry was perfection!

Described as a gluten free hot water pastry with seasoned British Pork, this pie seems to be dairy free too, the only bold is egg, which I assumed was used to glaze the pastry. The pie is ready to eat, so no need to heat and there is a good amount of it!

Retailing at the £2.50ish price mark, this pie is quite large, and could be cut into four as part of a buffet, as well as a larger single portion or even shared between two, with salad for lunch or as part of a dinner! At 391 calories, and 26g of fat, 10g of which saturated, this is most certainly something you do not want to be eating everyday. I would say though if you are looking for a treat or a pork pie for your Christmas buffet, I would 100% recommend these ones over the mini ones that M&S have, as they have a much harder, drier pastry. This pastry has a better natural crumble and even the meat tastes of better quality as well as the all important jelly which lacks in the M&S pies. But don't worry it is not overloaded either like cheap mainstream ones, I feel that ratios are perfect.

The texture itself is how I remember a mainstream pork pie. The glazed pastry has structure but you can still cut or bite into it without struggling or it crumbling apart. The flavour is subtle and a good classic pastry, with no after taste or powderiness, which is one of my bug bares with free from pastry. Sometimes I avoid pastry as it can feel that you are eating cardboard, this so isn't the case with these pork pies, it's extremely refreshing to find such a high quality free from pastry.

The meat is as you would expect from a pork pie, very dense and compact in texture. The black pepper and nutmeg used to season brings out the flavour and add a little warmth and character to the pie, very much perfect for the festive season as it feels like a true filling comfort food!

I have found theses on Ocardo online and Sainburys also have some of the range, but my local Sainsbury's does not stock any and the online store only has a couple of options, so if I were you I would opt for looking at Ocardos range as they seem to be the better stockist.

I would love to know if you try the range and what you think. When I reorder I will have to get a few, as I had to fight  all the gluten eaters for mine once they saw them!

Hannah x

*This product was sent to me to try, all thoughts and opinions are my own 

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  1. I found the too good to be gluten free pork pies very dry lacks the jelly in it .