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What I Ate Wednesday - Eating out at Beefeater

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I often speak of products which I have brought or made but I have yet to speak about eating out (other than lunch), and as we all know eating out is not always so easy.

Today I want to talk about Beefeater, We have dozens of Beefeaters around us, which are owned by Whitbread so I assume Table Table and Brewers Fayre will be very similar as I believe both of these are part of the Whitbread Family as well!

Beefeater is where I feel the safest when eating out to date, they have more options than most restaurants and you know what to expect!

What I tend to eat:

  • Tomato Soup (excluding the bread)
  • Prawn Cocktail (excluding the bread and sauce) 
  • Steaks 
  • Paprika Chicken
  • Plain Chicken 
  • Salads
  • Lemon Sundaes 
The allergy advice used to be really easy to find, however it is now a nightmare since the change of their website design, so you can find a copy of the information HERE

Staff are also very helpful, for example many burgers it's only the bun that is a gluten product and Sundaes sometimes have brownie etc which when you ask they will be more than happy to adjust or offer an alternative, opening up more options!

To date I have not been unwell at a Beefeater (other than times it was my own fault) so I feel that their chefs are very careful which makes me much more comfortable and relaxed as I know contamination risk is very very low. 

Overal I feel that Beefeater is a good option, particularly if you are out where you don't know the area  as you can guarantee its a safe option. Also the staff never make you feel like you are being awkward when you ask them to taylor a dish to your needs and for this alone Beefeater makes me very happy!

If you have places you enjoy eating out, I'd love to know!

Hannah x

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