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Money Saving Monday! - Film Lovers Favourite

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What's better than a big bag of popcorn and a film. Now don't get me wrong snuggling on the sofa with a film, snacks/takeaway and a candle cannot be beaten. But what about that new film you are dying to see? This is where our new best friend comes in. A Cineworld Unlimited Card.

Image sourced from cineworld website.

James loves seeing films in the cinema as they come out and I must say I have become slightly converted too and with the unlimited card I would argue this actually makes going out to see films cheaper than staying in, obviously depending on how often you go. 

For £16.40 a month you get to go to an unlimited amount of films, hence the card's name. But on top of that you get 10% off your food and drinks and the longer you have the card the better deals you get. 

Cineworld is known as the cheaper of the two cinemas in my area and an adult ticket typically costs £7.97 before 5pm and £9.14 after if booked online through an account. If you buy your ticket at the cinema or do not want to create and account the ticket are 10% more expensive. This means if you see two films in a month you have already saved using your card.

Whats the catch? I hear you all ask, well the biggest catch is that the minimum is 12 month contract. However I know I make more of an effort to see films because of the card. Also I've found overall money is saved even if I go once one month, because I normally find the month after we go three or four times, and sometimes you're better off looking at the grand scheme for money saving. 

Now this is the bit that really excites me, coupons! Cineworld email out coupons all the time, which also do not exclude weekend visits, however they have your name on them so they cannot be transferred. So on Saturday I got a free regular drink and popcorn! and James has had one for free drinks in the past too. 

So if your into watching films or like going out for a date night without the big cost I would recommend giving the Cineworld Unlimited card a go!

Hannah x

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