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Foodie Friday - Udis Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

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I used to bake every Wednesday but since going gluten free I find baking a bit more tricky as things do not always work out as planed, mainly things not rising as I would expect them to. So I have been looking a packet mixes in the hope that I will see what I'm doing wrong and hopefully I can learn to bake a good cake!

I baked these about two weeks ago now but I made sure to take plenty of pictures as I went along!

Here is how to bake the cookies:

Step One:
Put the mix, egg and butter in the bowl and mix until a breadcrumb texture.

Step Two:
Add The Honey and vanilla essence and incorporate

Step three:
Roll into balls and place on a baking tray and bake for 20 minutes.

And here is the result!

I shared these between my family who do not eat gluten free and they loved them! They said they couldn't tell much of a difference, just they were slightly more crumbly. 

I actually didn't enjoy them very much but I think that could be down to my error of using quite a strong honey that is not as sweet as typical honey. I think they needed some extra sweetness but other than that they have turned out much better than anything else I have baked!

Next time I think I will try doing a cake!

Hannah x

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