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Dessert for Breakfast? DS Brioche Loaf

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Brioche is something I have never had before so when my Mum brought me the DS gluten free Brioche loaf I was not too sure what to do with it, so I decided to have it for breakfast!

This loaf was very sweet as I assume a regular brioche is, this syrupy like sweetness actually makes the cake like bread very moist, which was a complete surprise to me, as we all know dryness and dry texture is normally the aspect that lets a gluten free product down.

I served mine toasted to give it a little crispy crunch and would either eat it straight off the grill or I added some raspberry jam or some Nutella and banana. This made the sweet loaf into an almost dessert for breakfast!

This product is only available in Tesco currently and is £3 a loaf, so average price for a gluten free loaf, the slices are quite small but the flavour is great so I don't mind the compromise too much.


  • Unusual product to find gluten free.
  • The loaf is incredibly moist.
  • The taste is lovely and sweet but not over sickly. 
  • The product did not go off before I finished it.
  • £3 is quite a lot for a small loaf, but as the taste is good I can overlook this slightly.
  • Tesco are the only stockiest, I order mine online, this way you get more variation.
Overall I would buy this product again but it is not something I would buy regularly, as firstly I think I would get sick of it if I ate it all the time but also the cost plays a part in this, as it's on more of the expensive end of the bread based products as it is quite small in size compared to other £3 loaves. Nevertheless I would 100% recommend it if you wanted a sweet treat as it is delicious, just a little pricey!

Hannah x

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