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Simple Mills Chocolate Cupcakes*

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Now it's the first of December I think I can officially get Christmassy! Last week I was preempting the festivities by baking some chocolate cakes and adding some snowflake sprinkles!

Simple Mills are one of my favourite baking mixes when I want a quick bake. With all natural ingredients and being free from gluten, dairy and soy, these mixes are great for most dietary requirements.

Simple Mills mixes can be found on Make it Gluten Free Ltd's website and this particular pack retails at £5.20 and claims to make 12 muffins, although mine made 15, which after eggs and flavourings makes these about 50p a muffin. Which I think isn't too unreasonable!

To make these muffins all you need is eggs, oil and vanilla flavouring. Mix these together and then slowly incorporate the dry mix. Then bake until risen, which takes 20-30 minutes and that's all there is to it! The whole process only takes about 40 minutes.

In terms of frosting, I used a butter and cream cheese mix, of course these can be swapped for dairy free alternatives to create the same affect. In a bowl put 300g icing sugar, 50g butter, 125g cream cheese and 1/2-3/4 cup cocoa powder, depending on how chocolatey you would like it. You can also add some vanilla, but as there is quite a bit in the cake mix, I decided not to. Then just mix until it's a smooth icing. Spread or pipe onto the cakes. In the move I had misplaced my piping bags so I had to spread the icing this time! Then add sprinkles! Done!

I would say that these muffins do need a frosting to prevent them tasting too dry as the cupcake itself is quite dark in flavour. The icing gives it the lift it needs and if I had any I think they would have looked great with some edible glitter to finish them! Everything is better with a bit of glitter!

If you have baked this mix in any of the other ways suggested on the pack, I would love to know what you thought!

Hannah x

*This product was gifted to me to try, all opinions are my own

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