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Silly Yak - Beef Pie Experiment

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Cooking from scratch isn't something I have had much time for previously, but I am trying to make more of an effort to find time for it now I have my own kitchen. As it is getting a bit nippy in the air and I live with a guy who could eat for Britain, I have learnt fast that things need to be filling! So for my first attempt at cooking a hearty meal from scratch, I chose a beef pie, with a little help from Silly Yak on the pastry front!

The pie I made was actually a combination of recipes and a bit of winging it as I wanted to cook the pie filling in the slow cooker whilst I was at work!

So here is what I did!

400g Beef, diced
One onion
Beef stock cube
Salt and pepper
Silly Yak Pastry
Instant gravy
Veg of your choice

Very simply I sealed the beef in a frying pan and popped this in the slow cooker. I then added the onions to the pan and softened them, they were then popped in the slow cooker too.

Next I added half a teaspoon of parsley and thyme to the pot and salt and pepper to season.

Then make 1/2 pint of stock with one stock cube, I used Knorr stock cubes, but any gluten free stock cube would work!

This was then poured into the slow cooker pot and allowed to cool. Place in the fridge overnight.

The next day put the slow cooker on low for 4 hours to cook the pie filling, this makes the beef super tender!

Decant the mix into a pie dish, I recommend not adding all the stock as it would be quite watery and the beef has marinated in this mix for hours.

Roll out the Silly Yak pastry and place this on the top of the mix, if you remembered to buy eggs (unlike me), this is a good point to glaze with an egg wash, and cook for 30-40 minutes until the pastry is golden.

Make the instant gravy using a one parts of the left over stock and two parts water, I used the water from the veg I was boiling to make it even more tasty!

Serve with veg and mash! I only have veg with a pie but James likes mash too!

Hannah x

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