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The Rye Deli Haul

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Whilst in Rye, James and I took a look in their Deli as it seemed bursting with some really interesting and unique food! As you would expect from a deli there were plenty of quiches, pies, cheeses and meats but also a wide range of cupboard foods, from crackers to boozy chocolates, there was something for everyone!

They had a huge range of different gluten free bits too, brands that I find it hard to get hold of or even some I had never heard of! The staff were also exceptionally helpful, they tried to help find products that may have been of interest to me and locate certain items they knew they had, it was a very refreshing shopping experience!

I could have bought so much but as we are moving soon I thought it would be best just to get a couple of bits and pop back there, maybe in the winter, I love shopping in small towns in the cold weather!

So here is what I chose;

RW Garcia Organic Veggie Tortilla Chips - £3.95
We love nacho nights and most Mexican food, so when I saw these and the blue tortilla chips, I knew I had to try one! In the end I decided on the veggie ones as the blue ones are meant to taste like normal tortillas, whereas these are spinach and garlic, beetroot and onion and carrot, tomato and sesame flavours. They sound really unique and tasty with some Mexican dips and fajitas!

Farmhouse Biscuits - Traditionally made English biscuits with chocolate chips - £3.95
Let's be honest, the packaging drew me to this product, particularly for Christmas! The whole styling spoke to me and I hope they taste as good as they look! I have had quite a few chocolate chip biscuits but these look crisp and buttery, so I'm hoping for great things!

If you are ever in Rye I would seriously suggest you pop in the Rye Deli and take a look around, I will certainly be going back for some of their fresh produce too!

Hannah x

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