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The Brownie Bar - Gluten free Triple Chocolate Brownie

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The Brownie Bar were at the Cake and Bake show this year. My brother came back with a mass of brownies to hand out to the family and for a change I was able to be included, as they make gluten free versions and he got hold of one for me!

Being wrapped individually to avoid cross contamination, this free from brownie looked amazing on first appearance before even trying it. The white and milk chips peaking out of the sides of a gooey looking centre. The top was a typical crispy crunchy brownie, but it was the layer underneath that really made it stand out from the crowd, slightly dense but super soft and gooey, this brownie certainly has a luxurious texture to it. Having an occasional large chocolate chunk to add an extra bit of creaminess. They are simply to die for!

Being very rich in flavour, with a quite dark brownie base which is then lifted by the milk and white chips laced through the bake, makes a truly perfect flavour. Let's face it we have all had a lot of brownies, as they seem to be the free from option for most coffee shops, but I was left so impressed with these!

Looking online they seem to not only do gluten free but also gluten and dairy free options! The flavours all sound so tasty too! The Triple chocolate was fab but the salted caramel, nutella and raspberry ones also sound delicious!

If you are interested in looking at their range you can find it here! Also the boxes are pick and mix which means you can try one of each flavour! I assume they will be individually wrapped like mine were so you could even order some for the gluten eaters without fear of them touching!

Hannah x

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