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Delicious Alchemy - Ginger Bread Mix

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Christmas was made for baking! I love baking all year round but I find at Christmas it feels a little more fun and I also find I have more people to feed my bakes to!

I wanted to make these Delicious Alchemy ginger breads quite a while ago, but as my oven decided against it, we have only just made them this weekend! My best friend, Rosie, came over on Saturday and with prosecco and Christmas films in hand we decided to have a festive day!

This recipe is super simple like all DA's mixes and only takes a few minutes to mix together! After mixing, we rolled out the dough. Using some festive mini cutters we cut out a variety of shapes and popped them in the oven, just until they were golden. We managed to make about 30 mini cookies, which would be great for a buffet or share around an office!

Once out of the oven and cooled we decided to ice the cookies,at which point we realised icing biscuits is not our forte! But we had a few successful ones! We managed to salvage some candy canes and mittens from our awful icing!

Flavour wise, these gingerbreads are lovely with spicy and warm notes. There is a hit of sweetness from the golden syrup and I found that these biscuits have a good snap but aren't too hard.  This simple baking mix results in very successful biscuits and Rosie, who is not gluten free, really enjoyed them too!

This pack retails on the Delicious Alchemy website for £2.00 so is a very inexpensive way of catering this Christmas. ASDA sell pre-made gingerbread men, which comparatively are more expensive and not half as fun to make!

I'd love to know what you like baking at Christmas! I am hoping to make the stuffing from DA over the coming week!

Hannah x

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