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Boxing Day Inspiration! Pulled Pork Sandwiches!*

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Ham is a classic boxing day staple. If you are looking to mix it up this year but still want to serve pork and the typical roasted or boiled ham is becoming a bore, why not try pulled pork instead?

This super simple recipe doesn't even need much attention, so perfect for when you want to be socialising with friends and family, rather than standing over a stove all afternoon!

For the pulled pork recipe you will need:

  • Boneless Pork shoulder, as this is the best for pulled pork as it's easy to shred
  • Sweet Mandarin BBQ sauce, any will do but this one is gluten and nut free! 
  • Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse seeded sandwich thins (to make into sandwiches)
For this recipe the only tool you need is a slow cooker so minimal mess too! 

Put the pork shoulder, if you don't have a boneless one, remove the bones first, and place in the slow cooker on low for 8 hours

Once cooked, remove the pork and shred, ensuring you remove all fat. 

Drain the slow cooker of any liquids, place the pulled pork back in, mix in plenty of the BBQ marinade and put back on low for another hour. 

Once the timer goes off, that is it! Simple no fuss food! Perfect for parties if you bought £5 worth of  meat, it could easily serve up to 8 people. 

To serve I love pulled pork with the Warburton's sandwich thins which are free from dairy and gluten so this whole meal is suitable for those with gluten and dairy allergies as the Sweet Mandarin Marinade is also free from these allergens! 

Cook up some chips, make a salad and bring out all the left over party food from christmas day and enjoy! 

Hannah x   

*Some products in this post were sent to me to try, all recipe ideas and opinions are my own

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