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Schar Gluten Free - Pain au Chocolat

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When I saw that Schar had Pain au Chocolat in my new Morrsions free from aisle, I was so excited! Frozen breakfasts are perfect for me as I cannot usually eat fresh food quick enough before they go off. I also had to give them a go to compare them to the Genius ones. The first thing I noticed was that you receive 4 in a bag for the £3 mark, whereas the Genius ones are about £2.50 for two. I thought if they are just as good they would be fab, as they are a cheaper price tag and are more convenient in their frozen state as I am not sure whether you can freeze Genius and I don't tend to have more than one a week!

Straight out of the bag they are about 1/4 smaller than the Genius ones. This isn't a huge issue to me as I don't tend to like them too big as I eat them with berries and fruit anyway. But of course this is something that is to note if you are ordering them online. At 75p per Pain au Chocolat, they are not too unreasonable as this is the price of a single mainstream one in Tesco, so in terms of value, although they are smaller than mainstream, they are not as overpriced as many free from items.

I loved how much chocolate was in these, it literally oozed out! The quality of the chocolate is great too! It is rich and feels very luxurious in the morning! To cook, simply pop on a baking tray and put in the oven at 200c for 9 minutes. Once out the oven the outside is crisp and flakey, with a good crunch on the top and a fluffy inside. These are perfect for that Sunday morning brunch! I love how evenly they cook and how much they resemble a mainstream party. There is nothing worse than when these products are stodgy in the middle and that just isn't the case with these! They are very enjoyable and even James loved them!

These are certainly a weekend treat though at just over 250 calories per Pain au Chocolat! But paired with berries and banana, they are a perfect treat!

I will definitely be popping into Morrisons for some more!

Hannah x

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