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Hawkshead Relish - Raspberry and Vanilla Jam and Lemon Curd*

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Warburton's sent me a beautiful hamper at the beginning of last month for their crumpet challenge. Within this were a couple of preserves from the Hawkshead Relish company. The packaging spoke to me instantly as I love anything that looks well presented and is handmade, this really caught my eye.

When I saw that the first jar was a Raspberry and Vanilla Flavoured jam, I thought I was in heaven! I LOVE raspberry jam and I put vanilla flavouring in almost everything as I also love a vanilla flavour, so this is completely for me! I had never thought of this combination together, but it is truly perfection! Whether it is slathered on a crumpet or sandwiching a Victoria sponge, this thick, sweet, sticky preserve has a rich raspberry taste with the creamy sweetness of vanilla.  The quality really speaks for itself, there is no expense spared in the making of this product, the raspberries are fully packed in which makes such a beautiful taste and texture. There is nothing worse than a jam that really has no flavour and looks like barely set jelly when spread on your toast and has never even seen the fruit it is meant to be! I feel that this is better than most of the luxury market leaders I have tried!

The Lemon Curd is just as high quality, with the most creamiest lemony taste I have ever tried. It is somewhat comparable to the Waitrose One range of lemon curd. Although the Waitrose One doesn't have a real jelly texture , the Hawkshead Lemon Curd is a little less jelly like and is slightly more creamy in texture in comparison. The rich flavour goes perfectly on most things, from toast to pancakes and even with soft vanilla ice-cream and meringue, this Lemon Curd's rich decadent flavour is gorgeous!

Have you ever heard of or tried a Hawkshead's preserve? I think I have been converted and I can't wait to find out what else they have in their range!

Hannah x

*These products were sent to me, all opinions are my own 

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