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Genius Plain Bagels

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It's pretty safe to say that bagels and I have a very in-depth love affair. Whether they are toasted, made into sandwiches or toasties, these are by far my most favoured bread product. So this year at the free from show I made an effort to get hold of more of them, as my local stores are not the best stockist.

Genius is a brand I have come to trust and love, I have never had an issue, not even with holey or crumbly bread, so they are a firm favourite in my household! As they have been MIA from all my stores the free from show was the first opportunity I have had to try these ones. With 4 in a pack, I find that this is just about the right amount, particularly for a working week as it covers most of my lunches.

Retailing at £2 but currently on offer in Sainsburys for £1.50 makes this less than 50p per serving, which is fab! They do not contain milk either so they are great for those who have to avoid dairy too! At 166 calories per bagel this is typically lower calories than making a sandwich from two slices of bread, and it adds some interest too! Just note this product does contain egg!

The bread is perfectly soft with the good glossy glaze that you find on the mainstream bagels which adds the sweetness that makes it so moreish. Being plain has meant they are so versatile and I have had them in a number of ways this week.

So to give you some inspiration, here's how I ate my pack of bagels:

Turkey and Cheese Toasties
Very simply I popped turkey, cheese and mayo in the bagel and toasted! This is by far one of my favourite ways to eat a bagel!

Turkey and Lettuce Sandwich 
Very similar to the toasties, this is just a bagel toasted, add some mayo and turkey with some lettuce and you're done! Simple lunch!

Toasted Pizzas 
The most fun option in my opinion! All I do is take some margarita sauce and spread a thin layer onto the bagel halves. Top with cheese and herbs and toast! Super simple, super tasty!

Cream Cheese and Salmon Sandwich
If you are looking for a slightly more sophisticated option, this may be the one for you! Again another simple assembly. Toast the bagel, add a thick layer of cream cheese to both slices and add sheets of smoked salmon and sandwich together! Such a classic paring!

I found that these bagels toasted well and are great change to regular bread as sandwiches. I would love to know if you have any ideas or tried them in a way which was great!

Hannah x

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