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The Foods of Athenry Flapjack

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Being such a huge fan of the brownie cookie shots from Foods of Athenry I thought it was about time I hunt down more of their products, which is harder than you think! I managed to find the flapjacks, so I thought I would give them a go!

At 81 Calories a flapjack, these bite-sized flapjacks are super buttery tasting and a real treat. Made from gluten free oats, there is a punch of ginger in each bite. I find this refreshing from a gluten free brand, as many sit on the edge of boring at times in terms of flavouring in order to make it likeable to the masses and all ages. Although this doesn't make these more mature, as I know many children who love ginger, it makes them more complex and interesting flavour wise.

I would say there was about 10-15 flapjacks in the bag, there was enough to enjoy them but not so many that I had to eat them for eternity, so it was perfect! Containing only Certified Gluten Free Oats, 100% Vegetable Margarine, Brown Sugar, Golden Syrup and Ginger, makes it very easy to know what you are eating, the less ingredients the better in my opinion! Particularly when additives are involved! These are also dairy free due to using margarine but  this does not affect the taste in the slightest, as I said earlier, these taste incredible and beautifully buttery. Unfortunately these are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. 

The flapjack itself is quite dense but can crumble a tiny amount as you bite into them, they also have a good amount of crumbs in the bottom of the bag, which I popped on my granola one morning, just so they were not wasted! The ginger is really rather prominent so if you aren't a fan of ginger (and all it's health properties) then this one is not for you. James is not a huge fan of ginger, so these were 100% mine! Yum! 

I really enjoyed these and I love the pouch packaging that The Foods of Athenry do as they are so convenient, as they reseal. James and I now have the cookie shots as a long car drive treat! I want to get my hands on their The Works flapjack, but cannot find them anyhwhere, if you see them please let me know as I would love to try them ! 

Hannah x

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