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M&S Cheese and Onion Roll

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M&S have released a whole new range of gluten free food, much to all our coeliac tummies delight! When I was browsing, I found these cheese and onion rolls. As I have a craft fair this weekend and I need to eat on the go whilst running my stall, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try!

With two in a pack for £3, this is a typical price for these types of products in the gluten free ranges. They are always a bit pricier than their gluten filled counterpart but I didn't think these were too unreasonable. Each roll is around 250 calories so are not too calorific for a lunchtime treat!

As there is two in a pack, I tried one baked in the oven and one straight out of some foil at a craft fair! Which means I can let you know what I thought of them both hot and cold!

When heating the roll, you will need to put the oven at 180 and bake for 10 minutes. The cheese and onion roll will come out golden brown and super crispy looking. I found that this pastry crisps nicely and turns so flakey and buttery, it's texture could have fooled you for a gluten filled equivalent! Taste wise, the cheese had gone warm and melty and was not too mature but had a great smooth flavour. The other thing I enjoyed about this roll is that there is not too much onion, its certainly preset when you are eating it, but it isn't on your breath all afternoon when you are talking to people if you have enjoyed it whilst out and about, unable to brush your teeth!

Cold it was just as flakey but wasn't as light. It was still enjoyable but I think eating them warm is really the way forward!

Overall I think that this new product is great and I'm happy that M&S have thought about making something suitable for veggies too. How many times have you struggled to get gluten free vegetarian snacks like this, because I know I have! They all seem to contain meat! I have seen many sausage rolls but this is the first veggie version I have seen in the gluten free market. This makes going on picnics and parties easier, as sometimes you just don't have the time to make all the snacks from scratch.

I would love to know if you have tried any new M&S products and if there are any you think I need to try!

Hannah x

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