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Aldi Gluten Free Week Haul

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Aldi had a gluten free week about six months ago and it was superb, there was so many different foods to try so I was quite excited to hear that they were going to do it again for Coeliac awareness week. Unfortunately I felt the range was not as good as last time but I did still pick up a couple of bits.

Here's what I got:

Betty Crocker Devils Food Chocolate Cake Mix - £1.99
These tend to be about £2.50 in stores near me so I thought this would be a good change to try these. James and I love a good chocolate cake, and as he loves the regular Betty crocker mixes, we thought these would be worth a try!

Betty Crocker Brownie mix - £1.99
Again this I thought was a good price for this product so I thought that we could give this one a go too! We love brownie and ice-cream for desserts!

Aldi Gluten Free Oaties - 99p
I don't know if these were new for this week, as I know they stock gluten free pasta all the time but I have yet to see these oats. At such a good price I thought I would give them a  go!

Did your Aldi have different, more interesting bits to mine? I'd love to know!

Hannah x

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