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March Favourites! - Gluten Free

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As I have been loving quite a few bits this month, I thought I would do a round up to cover all the products I feel deserve a mention but I don't always blog. For me, March has been a hectic month, it's show season for both businesses and James has either been shooting weddings or completing his final uni project, which means my kitchen has been full of random foods and my living room has been turned into a photography studio. That being said, I have had to cook quick fast meals which can be eaten easily as we have been constantly rushing!

To kick off my favourites, I have been loving the chocolate orange rice cake bars from Aldi. These have been coming to work with me everyday and as they are just under 100 calories a bar, they feel like a naughty treat but really aren't too bad! The rich dark chocolate and zesty orange flavour is something that feels quite luxurious but at under £1 for a pack of 5, they really do not break the bank. 

We have been loving fish this month in the Fletcher-Ireland household, particularly salmon. We love the Ocado fresh salmon fillets and have those with Tilda chilli rice and veg. But in M&S the other day I saw some salmon paupiettes reduced from £7 to £5.40, I just had to try them! Already filled with butternut squash and mascarpone, we had them just with some steamed spinach and they were amazing! I would totally recommend! 

Another great Ocado find that we have been enjoying for the last couple of months are the Mash Direct vegetable crisp bakes. I order once a month from Ocado and pop bits in the freezer, and these were one of the things my freezer was stuffed with! They are quite a dense crisp bake and packed with a wide mix of veg. I find them a quick easy meal which is healthy and tasty. 

Kelkin Jaffa Cakes were the first free from snack that I ever tried. When I saw them in Waitrose I just had to pick them up. I have seen mixed reviews on these jaffa cakes, but I love them. I don't think there is any difference in these and the mainstream ones! 

My last favourite of the month is The Collective Dairy Scottish Raspberry yoghurt. I tend to buy the larger tubs and portion them down and take it to work. I love yoghurts where the flavouring is a separate element as I find where you mix it into the natural yoghurt with a compote, they taste more natural and less artificial and have a better texture.

I would love to know what you've been loving!

Hannah x  

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