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Shoe Love

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As promised I am getting round to showing my new shoes (finally!) may be a little later than hoped but is still within the week nonetheless!

I have been driving everyone (particularly my lovely boyfriend) insane on my perfect ankle boot quest. Since September I have been looking for a pair of chelsea style boots but without a heel and I also HATE the fully elastic panel. 

So on Saturday we were shopping in a different town to usual when I walked past New Look, I had looked in there previously and not found anything so I was just going to walk past until I saw the boots of my dreams in the window, not only that but they had £10 all boots, bonus!

These boots have a small heel and leather paneling over the elastic which has pleased me and they were £14.99!


Then these accidentally fell into my arms on the way to checkout.. Oops... These were £24.99 once the £10 was taken off. James convinced me!

Sorry about the lighting , if you live in England right now you'd understand there is no sunlight! These are New Looks images so you can see the detail better! I promised I will Find my lighting booth soon!

Hannah x 

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