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A Little Flame

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Who would have thought a bit of scented wax with a wick would bring joy to so many? I am clearly one of these people, (along with every other woman on the planet!).

In Particular my love of Yankee Candles outweigh my love for any others, I went off Partylite when they insisted on charging so much more for products which were getting lower and lower in quality, who wants a candle that refuses to light? Certainly not me. 

So I thought I would let you in on my personal favourite scents from Yankee:

My all time favourite scent is Cherry Blossom, this has since been discontinued and no similar scent has replaced this, I have a small unburned jar (which I forgot to photo, ooppps!) so I can open the lid and give it a nostalgic smell. 

In My large jars I have Pink Dragon Fruit which is a sweet fruity smell, this fills the room with a sweet shop like smell and makes me want to eat it! My other large jar favourite is Clean cotton, this scent I love so much I have it everywhere, I have the car air freshener in not only my car but James' car too and I have the room spray. I would recommend this scent to anyone who has not used yankee, there is nothing not to like about it.

Then For my medium jars I have fluffy towels, which is very similar to clean cotton, just has a warmer smell (if that makes sense?). I then have pink sands, I honestly cannot describe this scent, to me it is soft and loving scent, its a light fragrance but gives a very calming affect. The last one is Home Sweet Home and tho is most definitely a winter scent, it has hints of cinnamon but isn't overpoweringly so. 

 Then I have some small jars, clearly I really love fluffy towels because I felt the need to take a picture of it twice! Either way the other two favourites are black cherry which smells of what it says on the jar, cherries, this one smells more of cooked cherries, like a warm cherry pie, YUM!

Midnight Jasmine is not a favourite of mine scent wise but the aroma this one gives is very calming and relaxing and helps if you need help unwinding at the end of the day. 

 And I couldn't write a post on Yankee Candles and not include vanilla cupcake (or another variant on this which to me all smell the same, e.g., christmas cookie, vanilla frosting, the list is endless!) This is a sweet sickly vanilla cake frosting smell and everyone I have ever known has liked this scent. This particular Jar is the birthday edition which my brother got for me and I am yet to light! 

What candles are your favourite? 

Hannah x 

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