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The Perfect Combination!

By 20:15

For the last month I have been using a new base and top coat combination, this has been the seche vite fast dry top coat (I know jumped on the band wagon finally!)  and the orly bonder base coat. 


These products are now a permanent stapple when I am applying nail polish.

The Orly Rubberised basecoat
I apply one coat of this product before applying my nail colour, this basecoat dries to a very rubbery grippy texture, unlike other basecoats I have tried which leaves a tacky finish to the nail. This finish allows the nail colour to apply evenly on the nail and may times I have found it has allowed me to only use one coat of colour! 

Seche Vite top coat
This top coat is super shiny! and I mean SHINY. This top coat dries very fast and gives a good even finish, it dries to a glossy hard finish and I dont experiance chipping for around a week. ofcourse I still have tip wear but I feel that is common, especailly where I am not the kindest to my hands!

I know they arent the cheapest of products but you can buy a refill bottle for both which is around £20 each which I think is good value for the quality of the products. These can all be found on amazon and I would 100% recomend them over every other nail top and base coats I have used (which is a fair few :) )

Hannah x

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