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Butter London Nail Polish

By 13:14

Recently I found Butter London nail polishes in a outlet store, so I couldn't Resist! (even if it was only a small discount).

The first set I brought is from the royal colection, this collection funnily enough contains alot of purple. 

Thankfully Butter London post their colour descriptions on the website, so no awful colour description on this post!

Pitter Patter: Opaque, aubergine shimmer

No More Waity, Katie: Semi-sheer, greige lilac jelly glitter

Lillibet’s Jubilee: Opaque, silver lavender foil metallic

Then I found the 2012 Sparkle Sparkle Holiday collection, set 1. 

This appealed to my magpie nature, lets face it who cannot resist glitter particularly at Christmas!

Fairy Cake: A full coverage, silvery, multi-colour iridescent glitter suspended in a light grey base

The Black Knight: A full coverage, pink, blue & silver glitter suspended in a black jelly base

Rosie Lee: A full coverage, light rosie pink glitter suspended in a clear base

Lastly I brought one singular polish, which I feel is an achievement when faced with a wall of nail polish! This polish is named Artful Dodger, which Butter London describe as a true teal.

I couldnt resist trying some of the polishes before getting round  to making this post, so far I am really enjoying them but a full review will be soon.

Hannah x

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