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Baileys Milkshake Recipe

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After a long winter, I think Spring has finally sprung! Which made the perfect excuse to make the Baileys milkshake from the set my parents got me for Christmas!

It was so tasty I thought I would share the recipe with you! It actually came from the box of the gift set, but I have tweaked it to make it a bit more yummy!

You will need:
50ml Bailey's (which is the size of the mini bottles)
100ml cooled coffee
250ml milk
4 scoops of vanilla ice cream

All you need to do is pop all the ingredients in a blender, pour it into glasses and enjoy! The box says you can decorate it in any way you like, such as squirty cream, grated chocolate, marshmallows etc. but I find a final scoop of ice cream is just enough!

From trial and error I would recommend using a good quality coffee. I found that my Nespresso machine made the best coffee for this. I found the red intenso decaf capsule is intense enough to stand on its own without being overwhelming.

Having a good quality real dairy ice cream makes all the difference too. If you use a soft scoop or lower quality, it'll make the milkshake watery as they are not very dairy rich and are typically filled with ice.

I also found blending wasn't really necessary as I like a thicker shake. If you just leave the ice cream out a couple of minutes to become soft and then whisk it all together you achieve a much thicker shake, not the light milky texture I got the first time through blending.

If you give it a go, I'd love to know what you topped yours with or if you have any tweaks I could try!

Hannah x


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